One Leg & Ninja Kick

Love a good kick workout that’s a bit unconventional and gets ’em working hard! Had many swimmers wondering if they’d be able to walk the next day after this one…

*For one-legged kick, swimmers bend one knee so that their foot is out of the water, and they must kick with the other leg. The trick to this one is to kick with the whole leg and keep hips on the surface.

2 rounds, with a kickboard & snorkel (head between arms), freestyle kick:

2×100 One Leg Kick (R/L x25) @ 2:45

2×100 Ninja kick (strong kick, keep feet underwater… Fast, but silent!) @ 2:00

2×100 FAST kick @ 2:00 (goal= >:15 rest)
Alright, on the top!